Free Patterns & a Finished Object

This is the Bison Shawlette from 101 Luxury One Skein Wonders.  I really like the patterns in the book, but you should be aware that A LOT of the patterns have errata on the website.  Just follow the link and click on corrections. 

The shawl is knit in some mystery alpaca that my Brother-in-Law brought back from a trip to Peru.  It is beautiful beautiful yarn, soft and easy to knit with.  It’s somewhere in the fingering weight range.  I wasn’t sure of the yardage since the label was partially torn, so I just started kniting and hoping that there would be enough.  I ran out of yarn just as I was at the 2nd to last pattern row.  I knew I wouldn’t like it if I finished the last 3 rows (1 purl row, 1 pattern row and bind off row) in a different color, so I bound off early.  Thanks to Barb from Fabric Works, I bound off with a needle 3 sizes bigger so I’d be able to block out the points a little better. 

I need to re-block this as I could have been a lot more aggressive in my blocking.  Lesson learned, block the he-double hockey sticks out of lace!  It should be blocked and ready for me to wear to my Brother-in-Law’s wedding next weekend. 

I love free patterns.  I really love free patterns, especially when they’re fun patterns that I’ve been coveting for some time.  STC Craft is giving away some free patterns, just in time for your Christmas knitting!  Just follow the link below. 

STC Craft

So what will you be crafting for Christmas?

One thought on “Free Patterns & a Finished Object”

  1. Hi there!

    I just happened upon your blog as I was looking at the Duluth News Tribune and because of your title I had to visit.

    I enjoyed your photos. You remind me a bit of my daughter Sharon and I thought I’d send you a link to her yarn business. She has a studio in the Washington D.C. suburbs (I know you like to buy local but you might enjoy looking at her colorways) and she also teaches high school part time, is married and has three small children.

    Her website is if you have time to peruse it. I’ll tell her about your site too. Happy knitting!




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