After 2 swimming parties with the kids in 2 days, plus nursing my husband (who quite probably has pneumonia) back to health, it’s entirely possible that I am too tired to knit.  My arms are worn out from carrying our 3 year old around in the pool all day.  I have a pile of Christmas knitting that is sitting there staring at me.  You know the Geico commercials where the stack of dollar bills has eyeballs on it?  Well, thats how I’m feeling.  My knitting is sitting there by the couch staring at me singing a little song.  It’s creepy, really. 

Today we are 40 days away from Christmas.  Although I don’t have a huge quantity of Christmas knitting to do, I have several large projects going.  I am less than halfway through the cabled scarf that needs to be sent to Chicago well before Christmas so it can be wrapped by the recepient’s receiver’s mother.  I keep trying to invision how long it’s going to be and if I’m going to have to buy another skein of yarn for it.  (I’m guessing the answer is yes).  I’ve pretty much written off the large men’s sweater I was planning.  I think if I can get the woman’s sweater done I’ll be in wonderful shape.  Oh yes, and the second sock.  And the 2 pairs of Fetchings that I bought yarn for.  And the Unoriginal Hat.  But those shouldn’t take long.  


By the way, when I say those shouldn’t take too long, I mean that I shouldn’t be knitting all these things past Christmas.  It does not mean that I want people coming up to me with their knitting wish lists.  I like knitting.  I like knitting for people.  I don’t really like knitting on a deadline and knitting on someone else’s deadline is even more stressful.  But hey, if I run out of projects before Christmas, I’ll be sure to let you know. 

Edited to add:  I don’t mean for that to sound snotty.  I’m just worn out and I don’t have time to do projects for others right now.  However, I’m happy to point you in the direction of some excellent knitting teachers.

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