Are You Knitting Daily?

Thanks everyone for all the great comments you’ve been leaving me.  It’s so much fun to see how many people have been stopping by my blog every day.  Since having my blog featured on the front page of the Scrapbook section in Sunday’s New’s Tribune and in the November/December Living North magazine, I’ve seen a huge increase in readers.  Thanks everyone!  I hope you leave me a comment to say hello, then keep coming back for more. 


I promise I won’t let the 15 seconds of fame get to my head.  I do have one question for everyone. 

Are you knitting daily? 

Regardless of whether that answer is yes or no, go to Knitting Daily and sign up for their free newsletter.  You get a free ebook of 6 knitting patterns just for signing up.  Plus they have a wonderful pattern archive (a lot of which are free too!).  The newsletter that they send out is chock full of good stuff.  I had never really understood negative and positive ease until I started reading that newsletter.  They’ll show a completed pattern on 4-5 different people and talk about why the patterns fits the way it does on different body types and how to make it fit better.  Those Interweave Press people are just darn clever, and they know how to keep knitters happy.  Crocheters too, I hear.  

2 thoughts on “Are You Knitting Daily?”

  1. Wow! Look at you famous lady! That’s so cool – you deserve the attention 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear that Mr. Knitting Up North is so sick 😦 My man had walking pneumonia in the spring so I feel you on the nursing thing. I hope he gets better soon!

    Get some rest and don’t feel bad for talking about how you feel on here whether that’s good, bad, or in between. We all understand and want to be there to help you feel better 🙂


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