Some Kind of Crazy

Keep the t-shirt slogans coming, I love ’em!

What’s crazier than a sweater over your swimsuit?  Following the directions in Custom Knits to make your very own Duct Tape Dress Form.  A friend and I got together over the weekend to make one.  Her husband was completely baffled as to why we would want to wrap ourselves in duct tape and what that had to do with knitting. We tried to explain that as you’re knitting a sweater, it’s very nice to try it on as you go.  However, this sometimes makes altering it on yourself a bit difficult.  Dress forms are the easy answer.  However, a dress form can be incredibly pricey.  Duct tape however, is cheap!

You’ll have to get the book for the exact directions, but here’s basically what you do.  Start with an old t-shirt.  One from my college days worked well for me.  Have a friend start wrapping your waist in duct tape.  Work your way up the body.  I recommend cutting strips of duct tape ahead of time as this tends to take awhile.  Eventually you’ll cut the sleeves off the shirt.  You’ll also want to put some plastic wrap around your neck as duct tape on those little hairs at the back of the neck really hurt.  Use several layers of duct tape. 

When you are encased in duct tape from your hips to your waist, your friend will cut the t-shirt up the back.  You’ll laugh and giggle about how you really didn’t think your body looked quite like that.  I firmly believe that my tummy is not that squishy and my chest is larger (and perkier come to think about it).  Depending upon your personality you may need therapy at this point.  Personally, I believe that denial is not just a river in Egypt.  Tape up the back of the "new you" and start stuffing it with fiber fill. 

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit at the bottom and tape it all into place. 

Then you can proudly display your new form.  Funny, it looks an awful lot like my body once it is clothed.  Wonder how that works?

5 thoughts on “Some Kind of Crazy”

  1. This strangly reminds me of Emily’s wedding and the massive amounts of duct tape we had to use to stay perky in those dresses!


  2. Ha! So cool!! I have always wanted to make one of these ever since I saw her original post on her blog about it. Why don’t you live closer??? I miss out on all the fun 🙂


  3. I now know what I’m doing this weekend!! I’ve always wanted one a dress form that was realistically shaped (and sized, lol) so I could make my own clothes. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea; I’m gonna have to buy that book too.


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