I was eating alone the other day (I often do this for lunch) at a local restaurant.  I finished my meal in record time so that I would have some extra time to knit.  I realize that this is not the healthiest way to eat, but I’ve got Christmas looming as a deadline.  I’m to the point where if I knitted while I cooked and while I slept, I might just get it all done in time. 

As I was knitting, I overheard the waitress explain where she was at with all her tables before she left for the day.  "And that table, she’s just putzing."  Really, is that what you think of knitting? 

Even if you don’t know what it is that I’m doing, it’s clear that it’s more than just folding my napkin into origami shapes.  It’s more than doodling or playing on my cell phone.  Call it crafting.  Heck, call it crochet if that’s all you know.  But, darn it, don’t tell me I’m putzing.  I’m creating gifts here people!  I am in serious production mode and I don’t have time to sit around putzing. 

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