Hippie Spice Socks

One gift down.  Lots more to do! 

These are what I’m calling the Hippie Spice Socks.  They’re going to our daycare lady for her birthday this week.  No, she’s not a hippie.  I just find the name funny since it’s a combination of Market Spice and what I think of when I hear "flower power." 

Pattern:  Market Spice from Wollemeise.  Follow the link for a free pattern. 

Yarn:  Flower Power from Socks that Rock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts and a bit of Dream in Color Smooshy for the toes.

Modifications:  I decided not to follow the slip stitch pattern all the way down the foot because it might be too irritating when you wear socks.  I hate having something with texture across the top of my foot, it always feels like my shoes are laced too tightly.  These are made to fit a women’s size 9 foot.  I ran out of yarn right at the toes of the second sock.  I ripped out the toe of the first and knit them both in the Dream in Color yarn that I had left over.  I think the colorway is Stormy Skies or something like that.  The ball band is long long gone. 

I think this photo shows off the colors better.  I took the picture thinking you’d be able to see the texture on the leg better also.  I can’t wait to wrap these up in a pretty package.  Our daycare lady wears crocs most of the time and I think these will help keep her feet warm when she’s outside with the kids. 

2 thoughts on “Hippie Spice Socks”

  1. Pretty cool socks! My Summer of Love Lace socks in Flower Power already have a hole in them, because I love to wear them. STR is my favorite sock yarn.

    Barb even further up north


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