Down to the Wire

I’m down to the wire with my required Christmas knitting.  I finished up this scarf for my husband’s cousin last week, blocked it after our company left and now it’s ready to ship to the Windy City.  It’s the only item that I agreed to knit for someone else to give away. 

Honestly, I only agreed to it because a.) she asked me in August b.) she offered to buy the yarn and c.) she is a wonderful person who has done many wonderful things for my girls and my husband and I.  Even with all of these things, the scarf ended up being extremely stressful because it was knit for someone else to give away. 


For the life of me I cannot remember what the pattern is.  It’s a simple cable, repeated over 12 rows.  Basically 2 of the rows are cable rows and the rest are just all knit or purl.  Repeat until you are completely bored or until the 2 skeins of yarn run out.  The yarn is Berocco Vintage Wool in Douglas Fir. It’s manly, yet soft and warm. 

Since we’re down to the wire before Christmas, send me your best Christmas knitting and we’ll post the favorites.  Email me at jposkozim at duluth news dot cahm (separated to keep the spammers from finding it) a photo of your favorite knitted (or crocheted) Christmas gift and a little blurb about it including the pattern (with link if possible).  I’ll do a final days of Christmas knitting post. 

2 thoughts on “Down to the Wire”

  1. Scarf looks great! I know what you mean – I recently had to knit a gifty for someone else to give to another person and it stressed me out to no end. But I have no doubt your scarf will be well received 🙂

    As for the Christmas knitting, I’m not doing any (again) this year so I can’t send you any photos. But I’m looking forward to the ones you’ll post!


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