On Resolutions

I had a completely different post planned for this photo, but as it seems par for the course the last few days I’m changing directions. The storm is over and the area has dug out from it’s mix of wet heavy snow and sleet.  Our sidewalks were under water for a good part of Christmas Day while other parts of town got blanketed in snow.  It’s been a goofy last few days while we changed Christmas plans around to accomodate the weather. 

While we were hunkered down inside, I knitted (a little).  And baked.  And cooked.  Cleaned a littled.  Entertained Children.  Fended off the repeated, "Can we open our presents now?"  And dreamt up ways to use up my stash of yarn and fiber. 


A beautiful photo from my friend Knittymuggins.  Check out her warm and witty blog here

I’ve never been very good at resolutions.  I seem to get distracted and not keep the resolution; then, halfway through the year I just feel guilty because I haven’t kept up my resolutions.  So this year, I am not setting any knitting resolutions.  I am setting a Knitting Intention.  I intend to knit from stash more this year and not save my stash for "good."  I’m not going to be knitting for the Pope anytime soon, so there’s no point in saving yarn because it’s "too good to use."  My family and my loved ones are good enough to splurge on.  I love them and if I want to knit a pair of socks from my single skein of Wollemeise, then I will. 

To that end, I created a very simple spreadsheet on Excel that will keep track of the number of skeins and the yardage of the yarn I knit from stash.  It’s extremely basic, but I think it will be useful in showing just how much yarn I’ve used over the last year.  I haven’t figured out how to keep track of my roving that has been spun into yarn, but I don’t have as much of that so I’m not terribly worried.

May your New Year be filled with love and awe, and may you be surrounded by your loved ones. 

One thought on “On Resolutions”

  1. Happy New Year!!

    Thanks so much for the kind mention of my humble little bloggy – you are so sweet 🙂

    I’ll be joining you with the knitting from stash this year. I’ve got so much and really can’t justify buying more. It’s time to use what I have!

    So sorry to hear the girls have been sick 😦 I’ve been sick here too so I understand how unfun it is to be sick around the holidays. Hope they’re feeling better soon! And you too 🙂


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