No, I haven’t been hiding out, or going incognito, we were hit with a major wave of sickness at our house during the last week in December.  Between that, a short week at work and a trip to the cabin, the blog has been a little neglected.  So I appologize. 

The good news is that there has been lots of knitting going on in the Big Blue House (well, technically most of it happened at the cabin since the kids spent the weekend with Gram and Gramps).  I’ve put buttons on a baby sweater that I had promised someone weeks ago.  I’m working on another brown Unoriginal Hat, I started a scarf, I started an adult sweater, and I will be finishing up a pair of slippers (hopefully) tonight as well as putting buttons on another baby sweater.  Wow, are you tired?  Because that whole thing makes me tired when I look at it that way.  On the flip side, it means lots of fodder for the blog.  I might even have a spinning post coming up soon!! 

So here’s the details on the hat seen above.  That’s Lil’ that’s modelling for me.  She’s got a tiny head, but the hat was made extra long, just in case.

Pattern:  The Boyfriend Hat

Needles: Size 8 US

Yarn:  Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash, bought at Fabric Works in Superior. 

Modifications:  The only thing I did was add stripes in a contrasting color.  This is the second hat I’ve made this fall for my nephew.  The first hat I did with an entire skein of one color of Mission Falls, however my sister didn’t feel it covered enough of his ears.  So this one I made sure would be absolutely long enough and would cover him until adulthood.  To be fair, the kid does have a big noggin.  I always make him an adult size and he’s only 5 1/2! 

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