Vintage Part II

All week I’ve kept going back to the vintage patterns my Grandma gave me.  I’m amazed at how fashions have really circled right back around to where they were fifty years ago.  OK, maybe the hairstyles have changed and maybe the sweaters end at the hips now instead of the natural waist, but the basics are there.  Sure, hemlines and colors change.  A cabled girls cardigan?  Yep, still in.  In fact, this is one I’d like to do in navy blue so my oldest daughter can wear it as a school uniform. 

It’s easy to see that the baby items haven’t changed much either.  Maybe the majority of moms don’t use soakers anymore, but they’re still out there with the cloth diapering crowd.  (As for cloth diapering, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.  The new cloth diapers are amazing).  By the way, check out the price on this pattern booklet!  I think there were around 32 pages in this 8 1/2" x 11" booklet, so it wasn’t a tiny one. 

The one thing I did notice about the baby patterns was that lace was definitely acceptable for either boys or girls, as were bonnets.  Since ultrasounds weren’t in use yet, all of the baby items are knitted in white.  These ladies were thrifty and practical. 

Thank you to everyone that’s been commenting on the blog.  I love reading the comments!  I also appreciate everyone who gave me t-shirt slogan suggestions.  I decided to hold off on the t-shirts, just because it seemed cost prohibitive to print up just a few shirts.  Keep reading and keep commenting, I do appreciate the support!

5 thoughts on “Vintage Part II”

  1. Speaking of vintage patterns I’ve been looking for a copy of the old Mary Maxim big bird and cookie monster little kids sweater patterns that are now out of print! Your grandmother doesn’t happen to have either of those does she?


  2. I always find stuff in my vintage knit patterns that could totally be suitable to today’s fashions. It’s pretty amazing that after all this time, there’s still some appealing stuff in there. If you check out the 70’s patterns though, something weird was definitely going on there 😉

    We’re going to try the cloth diapering ourselves. It’s so much better now than the old school way with the safety pins and stuff!


  3. No–We did not knit everything white!! We had beautiful plain yellow, blue, green, pinks and usually knit a baby afghan and sacque set in matching colors–babies wore any color. White was used for baptism knits, too.


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