Stay Warm

There’s something interesting that I’ve noticed about the Duluth/Superior area lately.  Instead of saying "good-bye" or "have a good day," people are saying, "stay warm" in that overly optimistic way that really means, "I hope you don’t have to go out in the cold too much today."  I know, as Northlanders, we’re overly fixated on the weather.  We tend to use it as an icebreaker and most of my conversations with people outside of the immediate area start with a description of the weather.  Whether it is the agrarian roots or just a survival mechanism, we’ll take whatever mechanism we can get to get through these winters!

When it’s cold like this, I like to curl up with lots of wool and some pointy sticks.  That’s exactly what I did last weekend, I was invited to a scrapbooking retreat in Southern Minnesota.  My laptop (I’ve switched to digital scrapbooks) was acting up, so I didn’t get a lot of scrapbooking done.  While I was waiting for my computer to move, delete and defrag, I got a ton of knitting done.  I finished a baby sweater and hat for a very special friend.  This friend is going to have a baby very soon, much sooner than she had expected.  If you could, I know she would appreciate it if you could send lots of positive thoughts and prayers her way.  She’s going to be a wonderful Momma.  I promise I’ll put photos of the outfit up once it’s made it’s way to it’s destination. 

2 thoughts on “Stay Warm”

  1. Hi there,
    Love your blog and find it very interesting. I’m a member of the knitting guild in Duluth. We meet the 4th Wed of the month usually at Portman Center at 46th Ave East and McCullouch St in Duluth’s east side. However, this week we will be meeting at Fabric Works on the 24th at 530 or so. We start at 6pm and Barb is showing us her sock machine. Come and join us – we’d love to have you visit with us (or join) 🙂



  2. I was looking for help on the Cinxia pattern and I see you did that but I’m not sure when. I wondered if you would mind telling me… I just got the yarn and the pattern and am ready to go. Not sure if the trim (slip stitch pattern) requires you knitting from the back of the stitch like the rest of the body does, so if you can advise, I’d appreciate it.
    thanks, barbara
    you can reach me at


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