Opening Ceremonies

Just in case our friends thought I couldn’t get any dorkier, I managed to prove them wrong last night during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Not only did I arrive late because I was at Fabric Works for the official Cast On Party, but I managed to comment on all the wonderful knitwear the Olympians were wearing. 

There was some seriously cool designs and I can’t wait to see how fast knitters will come up with their own patterns for these. 

The US Olympic reindeer hat can be found at or Ravelry link’d here. Those clever knitters figured out a chart right away and whipped one up before the Opening Ceremonies. 


Now I’m waiting for the Olympic Sweater pattern.  You can go here to Ralph Lauren and buy your own sweater for $425, but I think this is well worth knitting on your own.  I’m pretty sure with a copy of Barbara Walkers Treasury of Knitting or a Harmony Stitch Guide you could figure out the Celtic Knot design pretty easily.  The arms are just a repeat of the center stitch panels.  Made with Cascade 220 or a Garn Studio yarn, it would be nice and sturdy.  The Ralph Lauren sweater is a wool/cashmere mix… mmmm.  The perfect winter sweater.  If you decide to design this sweater, be sure to let me know.  It’s definitely going to be in my knitting future! 

2 thoughts on “Opening Ceremonies”

  1. I have made a pattern for the cables for the back and front of the sweater, but I could use some help with the decreases for the arms and shoulders if you would like to help come up with the pattern,


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