The US Olympic Hat

Some clever knitters already figured out the pattern to the US Olympic Hat.  This hat was knitted by lotzakatz on Ravelry.  I linked to the pattern in the post about the Opening Ceremonies. 

Earlier today, my 5 year old was telling me that I needed to knit a hat for her kindergarten teacher, "Because she’s AWESOME!"  It couldn’t be just any hat though, it had to be a hat with lots of colors, because this teacher would like that a lot more.  When I showed my daughter this hat, she immediately started redesigning it.  "Momma, you could do green down here and then don’t do that top part because she won’t want it pointy, just straight up and down."  Hmmm… like mother, like daughter?  She also volunteered me to make a hat for one of her friends at school.   I think I do a good enough job overcommitting myself, I don’t really need help. 

Now I’m off to bake another cake for a Mardi Gras celebration at my daughter’s school tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “The US Olympic Hat”

  1. I expect my socks before teachers and friends start receiving hats! I’ll have to remind Little Miss A to start dropping hints about me!


  2. I came across your site while I perusing the internet, hoping to possibly find one of those USA Olympic knit hats somewhere. You did a wonderful job with yours, is there any way I could purchase one from you?


    1. Farrah – I’m sorry, it looks like the owner of that pattern took down their pattern off of Ravelry. Probably in response to the US Olympic Committee’s concerns about copyright infrigement. Sorry I can’t help with the pattern.


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