“Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude…”

"…Nothing remains quite the same."  That Jimmy Buffet, he gets the island vibe.  I can’t tell you how wonderful having a week off and spending a good part of that in strong tropical sun felt.  Some of us decided that we must be just starved for vitamin D because just 2 days of warm sun made me a lot more energetic.  Even the day that was not sunny still had a warm rain, which is preferable to the freezing rain and fog I came home to. 


(That’s a photo of a dolphin)

We went offshore fishing one day with Sea Reed Charters.  We saw dolphins several times, but it’s really hard to photograph dolphins.  At least it is with my camera.  We didn’t catch many keepers, but we were busy hauling in little sheepshead and sea trout.  I guess because it’s been such a cool winter, the fish haven’t been as active as they normally would be. 


My last day on the island was spent looking for shells.  We rented a boat for a day and went to a nearly isolated beach with incredible shelling.  The shells were piled in deep drifts.  It was an amazing day, gorgeous sun, white sand and cool ocean water.  I was kind of hoping that since my plane was overbooked that I would get bumped onto a later flight.  No such luck though, I had to come home. 

I’m sure you’re wondering about how much knitting I got done.  Well… not a whole lot really.  I knit on the planes and I knit one morning on the beach.  Otherwise we really didn’t spend a lot of time sitting around.  We were really too busy to take out my knitting much.  I have a start on one sock and a start on the shawl.  I promise to kick it in gear and get something done for you soon.  I did organize part of my stash when I got home, but I’m not sure I’m ready to fess up to what that actually looks like. 


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