A Knitting Time Out

I should have known better. 

I should have known that the insanely complicated sock was going too well.  Especially since I did a good part of the sock on a dark plane.  Twice.  I even had a very experienced knitter (whose advice I normally take) tell me that the calf circumference looked really big. 

I told her I have big calves.  Which as much as I hate to admit it on a public blog, I do.  They’re very muscular calves.  I even measured my calves to figure out what size sock to make.  After I cast on the stitches and had knit for an inch, I tried it on my calf and it seemed to fit just fine.  See, this sock pattern has you take 3 different measurements to figure out what size to initially cast on and then how to decrease correctly for the rest of the leg.  So what was the problem? 

Apparently measuring my calf in an airplane through my jeans wasn’t the smartest thing to do.  Tonight, I tried the sock on again and it was obviously too big.  About an inch too big.  I remeasured, and sure enough, I had been off in my initial measurement.  I’ve ripped it out and restarted, but now I’m starting to rethink the whole pattern.  Perhaps this just needs a time out. 

Should I,

a.) rewrite the pattern

b.) set it aside and make Simple Things

c.) set it aside and make Skew socks

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