Every so often you’ll be knitting happily along, minding your own business, maybe enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to the kids play in the background when something just doesn’t seem right.  The kids are fine, the coffee is hot, but something isn’t quite right.  This gauge just seems, well a little loose.  It’s been a while since I’ve knit a sock, so maybe it’s just me.  No, no this really seems too drapey.  I like my socks fairly dense, and these are definitely not dense. 

Break out the tape measure… yep, not at gauge.  Rippity rip rip rip. 

Not a big deal, just go down a needle size, right?  Well, that sure would be easier if I had the needles I needed wouldn’t it?  Don’t you think a person who knits as much as I do should have 2 size 1 circular needles?  Well I don’t.  I have dpns.  And a 9" circular, but that will only work once I get enough stiches on the needle, and oh by the way, it’s holding a mitten I haven’t quite finished yet.  OK, take a sip of coffee and rip out the mitten.  I wasn’t really committed to it anyway.  Restart the sock on dpns, move to the 9" circular.  And promptly break the tip off the needle.

Oh for the love of…..

Does this only happen to me?! 


Speaking of things that only seem to happen to me, I screwed up the comments link on the last post.  So if you access the blog through the Duluth News Tribune website and were dying to leave me a comment about Three Irish Girls, please do so now.  I think I have it figured out now.  If you access the blog through then you shouldn’t notice any problems. 

2 thoughts on “Skew’d”

  1. silly girl! Maybe less applicable for size 1, but you could slip your project -in-waiting to a smaller size needle to free up the needle(s) you need, or (better yet) use a long leftover strand of smooth-textured yarn as a stitchholder. (Not a textured yarn as it could leave colored fuzz behind when you remove it later to transfer the stitches back.) Don’t forget to leave yourself a note about the needle size you borrowed from your unfinished work!
    And with the newly popular technique of using two circulars in tandem per your photo, I can’t think of a project that couldn’t be done with one’s choice of circulars or dps. One or the other could be more convenient, but either would serve if that’s what you have.


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