Spring is for Socks

No Purl Monkey’s in Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Olivia.

It seems like every spring I knit socks.  Socks for my Mom (she’s gotten 2 pairs so far for Mother’s Day), socks for a swap, socks for babies.  Spring is just for socks I guess.  I don’t know what causes this, but I seem to be very cyclical in my knitting.  By summer I will want to start on a fall cardigan or heavier sweater.  By late fall I’ll be knitting like mad on Christmas projects – relatively small things like mittens, hats and the like.  Right after Christmas I start something for me.  Of course I intersperse all of this with little baby projects, gifts for friends who are having babies or hats for the nurseries. 

As for the No Purl Monkeys, they are for my husband.  My poor husband only gets hats and scarves from me.  The reason being, he is a very tall man and therefore has big feet.  Size 12.5 feet take a long time (and a large amount of yarn) to knit socks for.  He is extremely patient with my yarn habit though, so I think it’s time he gets a pair of socks for himself. 

Just in case my sister is worried, I’m still working on her socks as well.  I’ve found it’s best to keep a couple of projects going, one of which lives in my purse at all times.  This one shouldn’t need a lot of pattern checking or thinking so that I can easily knit it during lunch or at swim lessons.  Right now both socks are at the no-thinking stage so I’ll keep swapping one out for the other until they’re done or the Skew socks get complicated again. 

4 thoughts on “Spring is for Socks”

  1. Oooh, pretty! Hubby will love those šŸ˜‰ R has only gotten a hat and a scarf so far. He’ll get socks someday, but probably never a sweater. He never wears the store-bought ones I’ve given him!


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