Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone

I have a secret….

Please make sure you are not sharing this with anyone else.

Really, it’s a yarn secret and you really do not want to read further. 

It has to do with a really good price on really good yarn. 

Lots of yarn. 

And I want to keep it all to myself. 


Fabric Works in Superior has 1500 yds of natural, undyed white, 100% merino Aran weight yarn for $55. 


I’ll let you think about that for a minute because I think it’s pretty darn unbelieveable.  If it were broken up into 200 yd hanks it would be $7.33 per hank.  That’s a sweater’s worth of yarn for $55. 

Have I mentioned I want it all for myself? 

I bet the owner would ship where ever you would need it shipped to.  (if you asked real nice and paid for shipping, she’s nice that way)

I really wish I hadn’t blown my yarn budget for the month.  I’d better call her right now and ask her to set aside some.  Hopefully I can make enough on my crazy garage sale this weekend to pay for it. 

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