ADD Knitting


I’m starting to wonder if perhaps I wouldn’t finish something if I actually knitted solely on that project.  I am feeling very ADD with my knitting lately.  I’m also feeling like absolutely nothing is getting done.  Am I the world’s slowest knitter or what?! 

Here’s a short list of what I have going on (a.k.a. this is a list of things that I am actually working on, not things that are sitting in bins long forgotten). 

  • A Simple Things Shawl 
  • A Secret Squirrel project that I may never really be able to talk about
  • No purl Monkey Socks for my husband
  • Skew socks for my sister
  • A hat that had been sitting for months, I’m finishing it for a little boy’s birthday this weekend. 
  • Oh yes, and I’m planning mittens for a friend who is doing some work on one of our cars.  I haven’t cast on yet, but I’m anxious to do so. 

Hopefully I’ll have something fun to show you soon.  For now, "please enjoy the music while your party is reached." 

2 thoughts on “ADD Knitting”

  1. I love your blog. Sounds like you are having a busy summer with your family, it is a wonder you find time to blog let alone knit, but I’m glad you do. Enjoy them all, time flies……….


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