Seafoam Scarf

Another knitting project done!  For anyone who ever watched the TV show, Monster House, I desperately need a "DONE" stamp to put over these projects.  Because this one is done baby, done! 

Although this is in no way my oldest finished project (we probably won’t even talk about some of those!), it is one that has been weighing heavily on me.  I started this on New Year’s Eve or there about.  I thought it would be a real quick project, and it should have been, but I got bored part way through the 2nd skein.  This scarf has travelled with me to Florida, to Alaska, to Chicago, and to numerous cabin trips.  In fact, this project actually lived in my carry on bag for many months.  There was no reason to take it out as it was my go-to project in case I finished whatever I was meaning to work on during any one of those trips.  The kicker is that I never really needed that go-to project. 

You can see the true colors a little better here. 

The crazy part is that I really didn’t need to do all that much more on the scarf.  I probably finished about ten pattern repeats over the last week before I called it done. 

The Details:

Pattern:  Based on the Seafoam pattern from Barbara Walkers Second Treasury of Knitted Patterns.  Here’s one of the many patterns for this scarf. 

Yarn:  Panda Wool in Neptune.

Like all lacy knits, this one didn’t look like much while I was knitting it.  It was shrivelled up and just plain short.  I kept hoping that it would block out well and I wasn’t disappointed.  Other than turning the wash water an amazing shade of blue, it really blocked amazingly well.  I think it was just over five feet long when I blocked it, which is plenty long for me.  I have slightly under a skein of yarn (100 yds or so), it might be enough for baby socks. 

2 thoughts on “Seafoam Scarf”

  1. Ugh i took a class on how to make this scarf and i have like 2 feet done and i am so bored with it! i dont know why, its really easy but boring!


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