Progress is Slow

I’m still working on the green sock for my husband, but progress has slowed to a crawl.  Something more important has come up. 

You know it’s bad when the child who swears she never sleeps (and only a few people can prove her wrong on that), leaves the dining room table to fall asleep on the couch sitting up.  She has a confirmed case of strep throat.  The part of the day that I didn’t spend in Urgent Care or waiting for our perscription to be filled, was spent cuddled on the couch trying to get her to drink something. 

I did sneak in some knitting time over the last week though.  I knit a bit at the Tall Ships booth (and was able to talk about the blog a bit) and was able to knit while walking around Treasure Adventure.  Something was wrong with me yesterday though.  I started working on the heel flap while at Treasure Adventure.  It must have been the high heat and humidity, because I ripped out the heel flap once only to discover that I had dropped a stitch (while trying to pick up stitches while walking).  So I ripped it out again.  The third time was a charm once I figured out how to actually turn a heel.  Don’t ask me how many times I’ve successfully turned a heel in the past.  And please don’t ask me how I managed to turn the heel on the first sock because obviously I didn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together at that point.  Clearly I needed to be hydrating with what the Renaissance Fair vendors were drinking because water just wasn’t cutting it.  Now that I’m chugging along the gusset decreases, I just hope my yardage will hold out. 

3 thoughts on “Progress is Slow”

  1. poor sick kiddo summer strep is no fun. I love your determination to get the socks done. I have a hate relationship with Socks 🙂



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