Change, It Is A Coming

The blog is going to be changing to a new format shortly.  Our company is changing over to a Wordpress format.  This won’t affect most of you, unless you have this blog saved as a favorite or follow a link here.  I’m not sure if the old links will work.  The new link is 


As for this pretty little ball of fluff, it’s Romney Rambouillet mix.  The long fibers of the Romney mix very nicely with the shorter Rambouillet.  I think it’s going to spin like a dream.  It’s beautiful, soft roving and I am thrilled beyond words at having it. 

One of the women in my knitting group raises sheep and she and I have briefly talked about hooking up and getting some fleece from her.  I would love to take the girls out to her farm to visit with the sheep.  Last week on a whim I brought the girls to knit night with me.  We thought we would treat the women to fresh picked raspberries from our yard; and the girls like going to the yarn store to visit.  I was shocked to find this roving waiting for me!  What a wonderful gift and such a surprise! 

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