New Look

As you can see, I’ve got a new look to the blog lately. I’ve been working on some changes with the help of my new friend, Lindsey.  She’s a knitter, a blogger and a computer guru.  She helped me get the blogroll back up and figured out how to do the Ravelry progress bars.  Now it’s up to me to keep those progress bars up to date!

In other news, it’s the first day of school today.  It was Lily’s first day riding the bus and as you can see, she was so excited she could barely stand still!  It’s a little easier on Mom and Dad that they are riding the bus together in the morning.  At least I know that Lily has her big sister watching out for her.

I started a Turn the Square hat over the weekend and ripped the whole thing out last night.  I got to the decreases and decided I just didn’t like it.  My gauge was off (always a killer!) and it was just coming out too big.  I like my winter hats to fit snuggly and this one wasn’t.  I decided that since I didn’t really have a good idea who this hat was being made for, it didn’t have the best knitting mojo.  I had someone else in mind for the hat, and then my husband kept commenting on how much he liked the colors of the hat and how nice it was turning out.  Even though he has 2 other hats knit by me (including one other Turn the Square), I decided this hat really should be made for him and it should be made with love instead of indecision.

4 thoughts on “New Look”

  1. The girls are just too cute! Makes me almost miss my days with the start of school….key word, almost!

    The hat will be wonderful now that you have the correct vision of whom the intended recipient will be. Some times fate just steps in and changes the plan midstream.

    And I love the new look! Yeah for Lindsey for helping!


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