A Good Knitting Group

I am a big fan of knitting groups; whether they meet in a yarn shop,a coffee shop or in someone’s home.  Finding the right group is almost like dating, you are getting to know each other.  Do you like the same kind of projects or are the other members of the group knitting binary code into a sweater while you’re starting your first hat?  (not that you can’t find some common ground there, but are you comfortable enough to find that common ground)  Can you all discuss the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy or the last symphony event?  Is there chemistry with the group?  Is there an outright feud between members of the group that would make you feel uncomfortable?  I searched around for a while before I found the group that was right for me.  I even went to a few groups on a semi-regular basis before I found the one I like the best. 

I still might float into another group for an hour or two if it fits into my schedule, but they don’t quite feel like home to me.  The one that feels like home knows me by name and celebrates each completed project.  They ask what is wrong when you haven’t attended the group in several weeks.  They even know my children’s names and welcome the girls when they come to knitting night.  We talk about our trials and tribulations and we commiserate over our mistakes (both knitting and otherwise).  Someone is always willing to help show a new technique or talk about the latest patterns.  Someone will always point out to Mary that new purple yarn has come in.   Each person contributes to the group to make it better than it was before them. 

So, as we move closer to Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank those women who have welcomed me into their midst and let me be a part of the group.  I appreciate the chance to step away from the hectic routine and just hang out and play with pretty string.  Thank you for your friendship.

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