Toasty Toes

As someone who has perpetually cold feet, I can appreciate the value of a good pair of slippers.  I made 3 pairs of slippers over the month of December.  The first pair were for my husband who blew out the bottom of the slippers his grandma had knit for him years ago.  He’s always talked about how much he liked the “Grandma Slippers.”  Everyone in his family got a pair of these when they were growing up.  His Grandma actually gave me the pattern several years back.  However, I couldn’t find the book that I had tucked the pattern into.  I did a Google Search for Slippers on Two Needles and found one from The Irish Ewe (the actual site seems to be down now).  There are a ton of these patterns out there and all seem very easy.  As I was knitting these, I dubbed them The Ugliest Slippers Ever.  They certainly aren’t the prettiest slipper ever, but they are warm.  I used a single strand of Peace Fleece since my husbands feet tend towards the warm hot perpetually overheated side.  If I were doing them for someone else, I would probably hold two strands together.

Malabrigo Loafers
Malabrigo Loafers

The next 2 pairs I knit were made from a Coco Knits pattern.  Malabrigo Loafers is everything a loafer slipper should be.  I’m even wondering if I could get away with these around the office if I put a sole on them.

OK, that might be pushing it too far, but they are really cute.  The loafers are made with a double strand of Malabrigo.  You knit the sole, then pick up stitches around the outside for the rest of the foot.  Knit some short rows and wham, bam, you have a slipper.  The pattern comes with several different ways to embellish the slipper.  My favorite is the Penny Loafer slot on the front. 

Knitting the 2nd Pair of Slippers

We have other excitement in the house that is helping to keep my feet warm (especially since all of the slippers I knit were given away).  Autumn came to live with us this week.  She’s a German Shepard puppy.  Autumn is doing very well at our house.  She loves the girls and is finding her way into our hearts.  Her favorite spot in the kitchen seems to be on top of my toes.  It’s a good thing my kitchen is fairly small so I don’t have to move around too much.  She has shown a slight interest in learning to knit, but I think we’re going to hold off on that.  The lack of opposable thumbs might be a detriment.  Well, that and the fact that everything tends to end up in her mouth.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her on the blog. 

Autumn, January 2010

15 thoughts on “Toasty Toes”

  1. Nancy- Both patterns are available by clicking on the links I provided. The Malabrigo Loafer is a paid pattern. Thanks for visiting!


    1. Daniella-

      Any local yarn store should teach a free beginning knitting class. I would call one and ask what they have available for lessons.


  2. Autumn is such a cuty! She will definitely add another dimension to your household!
    Thanks for sharing the pattern info, I can’t wait to try the loafers!


  3. @knitting– if you want to learn how to knit try and see if there is a knitting meetup group in your area. Usually they are mixed with beginners to experts and the experts will help teach… good luck!


  4. Looking forward to trying the slippers. They look very cute. I have a feeling if I get started now everyone will be getting cozy slippers for Christmas 2011.


  5. I knitted my first pair of slippers back in the early 60″s. I just learned to knit and I used the pattern in the beginner book. I still have the book and every pattern or book I have gotton since then! It is a great and easy beginner pattern!


  6. The slippers look amazing but please tell me is that a 2ply yarn or 4ply . When you live in a very rural area we like to use what we have instead of a fancy named yarn that we have never heard of
    Thanks in advance


  7. love the slippers. Hope I can Knit them up since I’m a newbie knitter (teaching myself). They look promising.
    Love your puppy he looks so precious.

    BTW, if anybody out there in knitting land that can let me know of sites or utube that could help me learn more about teaching me more to knit I would be grateful. Thanks


  8. I haven’t been brave to try knitting slippers, but you made it sound fairly easy, so I’ll give it a go. I, too, have perpetually cold to icicle-grade feet. I’m convinced if I make it to 80, they’ll be gone to poor circulation. Meh…whatevs.

    Anyway, congrats on the super cute new German Shepard puppy! Our family has always has a GS (minus a one year break before our newest) and they are the cutest things EVER when they are young puppies. They are wonderful additions to the family and good protectors 🙂 Enjoy!


  9. Gotta say I think u should knit them up put on a leather sole and head to work ! They look fabulosly comfy. I have knit a bottomless pile of fingerless mits for all my nieces this last year for birthdays guess I’ll have to do slippers this year!


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