Messing with the Knitting Mojo

You know what really messes with my knitting mojo?

Having a sick hubby on the weekend that you first get your new dog. 

Having 2 kids sick with a cold

Getting sick yourself a few days later. 




Oh yeah, she looks all cute and innocent.  It’s an act.  I’m convinced that she is really a super smart, devious little thing who happens to have a bladder the size of a pea.  Don’t let the uber cuddliness or the thought of all the puppy kisses I might be getting sway you.  This little snuggle bug knows whenever I sit down with my knitting and chooses that exact minute to wet on the floor.  If you turn your back, a knitted mitten or hat is proudly being strutted across the room.  She seems to know that the knitting is my domain and that it’s a fast way to get my attention.  I forgot how much having a new puppy is like having a new baby in the house.  They are very demanding, yet give unconditional love in return. 

The up side to this story?  Everyone is feeling better today.  We seem to have fallen into a nice routine with Autumn; we’re figuring out her signals as she figures out ours.  Not only did I get to go to the yarn store for some knitting with my friend Diane, I also picked out some new yarn and a sweater pattern.  I might just have rediscovered my mojo.

4 thoughts on “Messing with the Knitting Mojo”

  1. I know how you feel. Everytime I sit down to sew one of my saint bernards wants out. So frustrating. So i set up craft room downstairs.

    Hope you feel better.


  2. From a puppy’s perspective, getting adopted into a knitter’s home must seem like heaven. An endless supply of hats, mittens and socks to chew on and try to destroy!


  3. Welcome to the club!! As soon as I sit down to knit or read, Charlie, out huge black lab flings pillows, carries shoes around or sticks his nose in my lap–just to get attention!! Thankfully he has passed the chewing stage!!


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