Decisions, Decisions

My oldest daughter has been waiting very patiently for a sweater knit by me.  The problem is that every time I find a pattern I like, I am plagued with indecision.  What color?  What yarn?  Do I really like this pattern?  I finally settled on 800 yds of Malabrigo Rio (plied superwash wool) in a dark blue.  My thoughts were that she could wear this sweater to school as part of her uniform.  When I’ve asked Addie what kind of sweater she wants, I get everything from a plain one button cardi like I made for her sister to something much fancier, and pink.  Clearly, the indecision runs in the family. 

So I’m offering it up to readers of this blog to help me decide.  Which sweater should I knit?

A.)  Tuckernuck from the latest Interweave Knits.  I have just enough yardage to knit this sweater in the largest size, a 5/6.  I’ve swatched this and determined that it will have to be knit on a size 5 needle to get gauge.  The swatch is beautiful, I’m just not feeling an urge to do more than swatch. 

B.) Little Girls Shrug from Knitting Pure and Simple.  This is a extremely easy knit.  I have enough yardage to make the sleeves full length and have it be waist length instead of a shrug. 

C.) Not a cardigan, but Comfort Zone is a very cute sweater. 

D.)  Something with a bit of lace edging like Victoria Cardigan. 

E.)  Or something else that you suggest?

edited to add:  This is my 100th post on the Area Voices site.  I think that calls for cake.  Or a prize…. hmmm… leave me a vote here and I’ll come up with some sort of a prize for a lucky commenter!

edited to also add:  I also found the Emma Lace Cardigan, but knitting it out of lace weight may just make me want to jump off a bridge.  But wow, knitting with cashmere lace might make it all worthwhile.  Would anyone care to lend me the money to buy that much cashmere?

13 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions”

  1. I love the Tuckernuck cardigan- but I know it would be half done for a long time (maybe until the receiver had grown to big to wwear it) if it was inmy knitting basket. So I vote for Comfort Zone- lovely.


  2. I vote for the one like Lily’s but with sleeves 🙂 Lily loves hers and I know the girls like to be matchy! Hope you had a good weekend! I miss my nieces!


  3. Ask Addie! Show her the pictures and tell her how long she will have to wait for it to be done.
    Or, think through how and where she will wear the sweater. Eg., the sweater with the bell sleeves, Comfort Zone, is going to get in her way if she is cooking or working with her hands; the tuckernuck is heirloom quality, and will get passed down to her kids; the shrug is quick and she gets it soon and therefore her patience is rewarded.
    I Love the Emma Lace Cardigan (my daughter is Emma), but I’d put clasps on it so it wouldn’t get in the way of playing.
    So — I vote for what Addie wants. Good Luck!


  4. I vote for little girls shrug but with the modifications – longer sleeves and waist length – it’s a little girls sweater.
    I love it and it is so versatile!


  5. Congratulations on your 100th post here! That is so awesome 🙂 I love the Emma Lace Cardigan, but I’m totally with you on knitting it out of laceweight. Ugh. You’d need a lot of alcohol for that one 😉 So, I’m voting for Tuckernuck. I think it would be adorable on her!


  6. I vote for the comfort zone, probably because I think it would make a great sweater for an adult too… hmmm….maybe I’ll have to modify the pattern for myself…
    Oh and congrats on you 100th post!


  7. Hi, Jess! My mother was an amazing knitter, to the point that when I was growing up, I used to beg for a store-bought sweater. I have several of the beautiful garments she knit for me. If you’d like to take a look at them for inspiration, I’d love to show them to you (and the girls). Just give me a call. I’d love to see you. Katie


  8. I have made several shrugs…and depending on the yarn and needles, it’s wonderful for tiny girls to wear over a sleeveless dress when they’re just a year old; and becomes an invaluable piece for any age child. One of the most versatile patterns I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve made a delicate white or the palest pastels for babies graduating to any suitable heavier gauge yarn in a myriad of colors and sleeve/body lengths for the older girl. Of course, I love the classic tuckemuck but you’ll make six shrugs (or even more) in the time it takes to make one tuckemuck.


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