A List

I love lists.  There’s something very satisfying about creating a list and then crossing items off that list.  Tonight, I’m in a list making sort of mood.

1.  I signed up for an all day class at Yarnover on April 30.  I’ll be taking a class from Meg Swansen & Amy Detjen.  I cannot wait, I am crazy super excited about this. 

2.  I burned my middle finger today.  Dumb.  Really really dumb.  I was making candied pecans and I tested the melted sugar with that finger.  I know better.  It makes typing very interesting since it’s on the pad of my finger. 

3.  I received my Three Irish Girls Stash Menagerie yarn club today.  It’s Springvale Bulky in Katharine Hepburn.  The girls both want a sweater out of it.  Hmmm… I don’t think 98 yds of bulky will get me a sweater for either child.  Sorry girls, this one might be for Momma. 

4.  I’ve been thinking a lot about weaving lately.  Maybe I’m nuts, I need another project like I need a hole in my head.  However, I’m still considering a little Cricket loom to start with.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Do you know where I could pick up a gently used one? 

5.  I’m still working on the craziness that is the Helix scarf.  A garter stitch scarf with short rows out of laceweight and size 1 needles = seriously crazy.  I still love this kind of crazy! 

6.  I should have a new sweater by next weekend…. or definitely by Yarnover.

6 thoughts on “A List”

  1. i’ve been reading your up north knitting–love it. i have 25 pairs of knitted socks i wear all the time. a lady asked me to knit her a pair–red heart sock yarn–which i bought. i have no idea what to charge her. any figures. i don’t want to overcharge. if you could give me some price range i would appreciate it. keep up the great blog!! thanks. jean


  2. When you are at Yarnover, stop by my table in the vendor area. I’m selling my handspun, called Knitting My Way Home. I love your blog and would like to meet you!



  3. Finger = OUCH

    As for the weaving…no clues. I’m still trying to master the drop spindle. And the crochet bug bit me hard. The gang has “convinced” me that I need to make the Realta Afghan….what have I gotten myself into?

    I love the name of the yarn and I know I can’t wait to see it…..sorry kiddos, this one sounds like mom has plans….


  4. I am *such* a list maker too! Too funny – I have been thinking about that Cricket loom a lot too. I have so many sock yarns and it seems like a great way to use them up. But, no idea what they’re like.

    The class sounds so exciting! Can’t wait to hear all the details 🙂


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