Epic Fail

It all started from me looking for a Spin Off magazine that I may or may not have.  It’s Fall 2010, the one with the jar of red cabbage on the front.  I vaguely remember looking through this issue and thought I had it at home.  I’d like to make the texting mittens for myself for next winter.  See, it all started very innocently. 

When I couldn’t find the magazine, I realized that what this place needs is a little organization.  My stash and particularly my patterns are in no real order.  I have a small dresser and some under the bed couch bags, but that’s about it.  Magazines and printed patterns are scattered throughout the tv room and in some cases, throughout the house.  I decided to organize my printed patterns in the same way that most yarn stores do.  I’ve got lots of 3 ring binders that I don’t use anymore and most of my patterns are in page protectors anyway. 

Into the basement I went after the elusive office supplies.  That’s where the trouble began.  Apparently myour need for organization does not start and stop at the tv room.  We have a stash of paint and stain in the basement that I carefully climbed over.  Unfortunately I was not so careful when I was climbing back out.  I knocked over an entire stack of cans, spilling open what appeared to be a full can of stain.  All. Over. The. Floor.  Under the washer, into the bathroom.  Everywhere.  We’re hoping that the super sensitive sensor on the hot water heater does not sense the immense amount of fumes in the basement and automatically shut its self off.  That would mean a new expensive sensor.  And a more epic fail. 

Calgon, take me away! 

Does anyone have any good ideas for organizing the magazines that I have?  Bookshelf space is at a premium, as knitting books share the same bookshelf as cookbooks which share the same bookshelf as my husband’s collection of antique books.  I also prefer to have everything puppy proofed and in a closed container of some sort, or up above a large German Shepard’s reach.

9 thoughts on “Epic Fail”

  1. I was wondering if you could scan any and all of your favorite patterns and download them and then transfew them to a CD? Backing them up ofcourse and then you could get rid of the bulky magazines and three ring binders. File them under very descriptive names so you can locate them easily. Just a thought.


  2. You can get holders to put magazines in that then allow them to be put in a looseleaf. They are about 11 inches long with 3 holes in them made of plastic. The magazine slides through a slit in the plastic. Or if I get really serious about cleaning magazines, I go through them, tear out what I know I will use, and recycle the rest. Then those pages can go in page protectors and filed with the rest of your patterns.


  3. I’m using binders for my loose patterns andthe cardboard type cases to hold magazines. I also periodically go through my magazines and if there are only a couple things i like in it, I’ll rip out those pages and put them in plastic sleeves (if I’m good) or simply put the ripped pages into a folder “for now”.

    I’m pretty sure I have that Spin Off magazine you are looknig for, let me know if you can’t find yours.


  4. I think some people may cringe at this – but I tear out any pattern from magazines I think I have a remote chance of knitting. I use “magazine” organizer boxes to sort my patterns – most are in page protectors. I have one marked “to sort” that way can’t get too far behind. So – when I want to knit a certain type of item, I only have to look thru that category/box. It works for me.

    Also – I have had very good luck buying old magazines from Ravelry when I am looking for something special.

    Good Luck.


  5. Ah, so very sorry 😦 I feel your pain! I have stacks and stacks of magazines with patterns in them and am trying desperately to limit how many more come into the house (though I subscribe to several!). Right now I have the ones that are organized in magazine holders on bookshelves (though this sounds like it won’t work for you). The others though? In huge piles to “sort” when I have “time” (ha ha). I wish I had more advice 😦 I should probably rip out the patterns that I really want and get rid of the rest as others have suggested, but it’s hard to tear up my knitting mags! Best of luck cleaning up and finding a solution (there’s always alcohol 😉


  6. A new house?!?!? With a room just for you and your projects? Totally outlandish…but I like the idea!
    And while I’m building your dream house a shed for all the paint!
    Your ALWAYS helpful Little Sis!


    1. The stain is cleaned up. Luckily it is an unfinished basement and the stain fell on concrete flooring. Currently I’ve got a Wall-of-Yarn in my TV room that needs to be reorganized. 🙂


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