Almost Boy Scout Socks

I love listening to my kids play together.  Right now they are writing some sort of letter together.  Addie is telling her little sister, Lily, how to spell the words.  It goes something like this.

“Lily, write too, t-o-o.” 

“Addie, how do I write it again?”

“Lily, it’s I miss you too.  T-o-o.” 

There are a ton of things that I should be doing right now, but the one thing I want to do is sit here and knit and listen to them be together.  The errands will get done eventually.  Nothing needs to be done so badly that it can’t wait for whatever it is that they are writing to be finished.   

I’ve been in a bit of a finishing up mood lately.  Fabric Works in Superior has started a PhD program.  You work on all your Projects half Done and put your name in for a drawing after each one is complete.  This was exactly the incentive I needed to get some old lingering projects off the needles and clear up some mental bandwidth for newer more exciting projects.

Do you remember the socks I was working on last summer?  These (linked) are the giant socks that I was making for my husband.Right at the toe of the second sock I ran out of yarn.  Roughly 2 inches to go and I was out of yarn.  Sometimes life really isn’t fair. 

This led to a fruitless search for more Madelinetosh sock yarn in Olivia.  I could have bought more online, but wanted to be sure that the lot numbers would be close enough that it wouldn’t be horribly noticeable.  I searched at Stitches and found several complimentary colors that might work.  I brought them all home and had my husband pick the color that he liked the best. 

I proceeded to rip back the first (finished) sock back to the beginning of the toe.  I used that yarn to finish up the half inch or so that was needed on the second sock to get them almost even.  I added in the complimentary color yarn and did one row.  That’s where the socks sat all winter long.  I’m not sure why these needed a break, but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish them. 

My husband is an incredibly patient man.  Not once did he nag me about getting these socks done.  I think he understood how frustrated I was with them not working out the way I wanted.  He sure was happy when they were done though!  In fact, I haven’t gotten a chance to block them yet because they were swept away almost as soon as I’d finished them. 

For those of you with a Boy Scout in your life, you’ll recognize the color scheme.  What can I say?  He’s a man who has worn a uniform of some sort most of his life and he’s drawn to those colors.  As for the pattern, it’s the No Purl version of Cookie A.’s Monkey pattern.

2 thoughts on “Almost Boy Scout Socks”

  1. I hope they were writing me a letter! I love fun mail…not the usual boring bills and and Big Buck Ad…seriously that is a weekly publication that comes to the Ville!


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