Some ‘Splaining

Luuuucy, you have some ‘splaining to do! 

I suspect this is almost what my husband will say if I carry out my plan.  The plan, is to slowly drive around my neighborhood looking for a certain delivery company.  (Please note, this is not stalking.  Stalking would be creepy and I am not creepy).  When I find the delivery vehicle, I will watch the driver carefully for knitter like behavior.  Things like evidence of fiber on their distinctively colored delivery person pants.  Maybe a Purl Girl keychain, a Knitmore Girls podcast being played.  Maybe there’s even knitting sticking out of a bag on the floor.  I’ve seen DAAT Training, I know what to do next.   

This driving around is preferable, I think, to hiding in the bushes and pouncing on the delivery driver when they come to my house.  The problem is that the driver is clearly not returning to the scene of the crime.  Therefore pouncing is clearly not an option. 

What crime could this poor driver have committed you ask?   I’m mostly sort of kind of convinced that someone took the package of yarn that I had a friend ship back to me from Sock Summit (well, that and it makes for a better story).  It’s been well over a week since we got back from Sock Summit.  How long does it take to get to the midwest from the Pacific coast?  Seriously folks, it’s not that long of a drive.  Even if my yarn stopped to sight see and spend a little time oogling the bison in Yellowstone, it could still be here by now.  In addition, there are several non-stop flights going every single day. 

Unless my yarn makes it here with souviners for the whole family (including yarn spun from said bison fiber), I’m sticking by my theory that the delivery driver knows good wool when he/she sees it.  Dude, there’s Sanguine Gryphon and a Namaste bag in that box! That delivery driver is going to have some ‘splaining of their own to do. 

 Since I promised actual knitting in that last post, I’m showing my Sprout hat that I knit at Sock Summit.  It was knit to donate to a Portland kids charity.  Maryanne, Troy and I dropped off our donations at the Baby Shower for Eloise hoping that there would be cake at the party.  We were disappointed to find there was no cake, but there were lovely handknits that other knitters had donated.  The hat is a Hazel Knits kit with Artisan Sock yarn in the Lipstick colorway.  I’ve got just a tiny bit left over that might make it into a little crazy just right project that I started.  More details on that to come. 


3 thoughts on “Some ‘Splaining”

  1. What would happen if your own husband had to arrest you for stalking??? AWKWARD!!! As an avid online shopper I can tell you from experience that it takes FOREVER for things to get here from the West Coast! It’s like all packages are working against some sort of current.

    PS I just stalked your amazon order and the cookbook should be to your house on Monday. Not sure about the lunch box (hello fancy! what happened to the night rider lunch boxes??!?) since you didn’t order that from amazon but a different seller.


  2. Too funny! I am beginning to question the certain shipping company myself. Our driver asked why a whole tableful of customers couldn’t help him unload his delivery to us last week!


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