Less Than a 2 Minute Update

I finished the sleeve on my January Cardigan.  I wound up the last ball of yarn so that all of the button band and collar would be from the same skein and packed everything up to take to my parents house for the weekend.

I packed everything except for the smaller size needles that I need for the button band.  (*&%#$ %#$  I packed extra yarn (force of habit) and a pattern for my February sweater.  I didn’t pack the needles for this pattern either.  I didn’t pack my back up scarf just in case.

My mom, sister and I had some errands to run this morning so we went to Walmart.  Normally I stay as far away from Walmart as I possibly can.  However, knowing that they had some knitting needles I decided that it would be fine.  They have No. Needles. Under. Size. 6.  None.  (Well except for a set of size 3 double points that would not help me.) Not even straight needles in a 4 or 5.  It wasn’t as thought they were just out either.  They don’t stock them.  I think I just stared forlornly while my sister patted my back.  Someone really needs to open up a knitting store in this town.  Seriously.

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