A Very Random List

  1. Here’s an interesting tip on swatching from WebsBasically if you photocopy your swatch onto graph paper after blocking it, then you can keep the swatch with you right with the pattern.  I think for someone like me, who has eyes who are continually telling me they are older than the rest of my body, this is an easier way of checking gauge.  http://blog.yarn.com/tuesdays-knitting-crochet-tip-photocopy-your-swatches-on-graph-paper/
  2. Read Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  Go.  Get it now.  It’s about a woman with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease.  I’m half convinced I’m showing early signs.  Like not remembering what my husband said he was going to go do 2 seconds after he says it.  Or maybe the heat is just melting my brain.  The good thing is I won’t forget this book any time soon.
  3. Why do mini chocoloate chips taste better?  They’re just tiny versions of the regular chips but somehow that makes it better.
  4. I hate yarn tangles.  I’ve had this skein of seacell and silk for several years… I started knitting a shawl but stopped because it squeaked on the acrylic needles I was using.  The pattern is lost and the yarn was in tangles so I ripped and rewound until I had something resembling a ball of yarn.  Because I have the attention span of a gnat lately (see number 2) I decided I needed a nice simple pattern.  Not quite garter stitch, but something that repeats every row.  I found the One Stitch Scarf.  I’ll see how long it takes before the one row becomes insanely boring.
  5. I am almost done with my July sweater.  I am finishing up the ribbing on the front bottoms and then just have the ribbing around the fronts and neckline to do.  The July sweater is the Vine Lace Vest made out of beautiful chocolate brown camel and merino yarn.  It’s a very simple pattern, I was able to get a lot done in the car in the last few days as 2 college friends and I travelled to Florida for a funeral.  There’s nothing like 24 hours in a car one way to give you plenty of knitting time.
  6. I’m hoping I can hurry up and finish the sweater by Friday, as that is the start of the Olympics.  I decided to not knit a sweater during the Olympics, but to knit a Leftie I’ll have more about this shawl/scarf a little later. 
  7. Because everyone can use a laugh today…

3 thoughts on “A Very Random List”

  1. As to number 2 above, I know when that happens to me, it’s just cause I’m not paying attention. It’s called “selective hearing”. And in this heat, if I’m not in front of an ac unit, it gets really selective!


  2. I’m glad you finally read Still Alice! I might need to re-read it…except I cry when I read it…but I still love it!


  3. I can relate to #2 and #4…..the book is EXCELLENT!!! The rest must be due to the heat! I also detest tangles….but isn’t a good feeling when you get that ball of yarn ready to use for a project? Keep blogging!


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