Burning the Candle

I seem to be burning the candle at both ends lately and I don’t see the end in sight until next month, and only then for a few days before it starts up again.  It’s a good busy so that makes it doable.  However, it does mean that I’m missing the local knitting group that I usually go to as well as the knitting community in general.

As for my September sweater, I’m planning on finishing up old projects instead of starting a new sweater.  I know my knitting time is going to whittled down to very little by the end of the month as I’m working on a very big event we are having at my place of employment.  I love the idea of being able to show actual finished projects.  Some things I just need to photograph, others need to be seemed, blocked and photographed.  One needs a little more attention.

I really loved having friends that I could work on my Olympic shawl project on with even though they are half a continent away.  I spoke with Knittymuggins today about doing another knit a long in October.  We’re thinking this time it might be socks.  I’d love a way to include you in our knitting conversations.  I’m not sure that I can explain just how much fun it is to work on a project knowing that you can always text someone else and ask how many leaves they have finished or get pictures of the works in progress.

I’m also talking to them about a laceweight sweater for January.  It’s a little insane, but I think it would be a great layering piece for me.  Since I’m planning on a lot of home made Christmas presents this year, I think I’ll be ready to settle down with a project just for me.

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