Time Flies

It’s amazing how fast the time goes.  It seems like I had just finished a sweater and was starting on a new pair of socks; that was a month ago.

Vine Lace Vest

My poor duct tape bust has seen better days.  Someone tossed it into the closet and it got squished so that it looks like I have very bad posture.

Vine Lace Vest

Yarn:  Classic Elite Yarns, Kumara – 85% extrafine merino, 15% baby camel

Modifications:  None.

I picked out an October sweater at the end of September.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s one that I picked out in January as part of my 12 in 12 challenge.  It’s Zephyr.  I ❤ this sweater.  I swatched…. and decided I needed to go down one needle size from what the pattern called for.  Then, Addie started talking about Halloween.  The swatch got put aside.

Addie wants to be Strawberry Shortcake this year.  Strawberry Shortcake wears lots of pink with green and white striped knee socks (or tights depending upon the artist).  Do you think it’s possible to find green and white striped tights in my area?  Nope.  Not much that I could easily find online either.  At least not at the children’s stores that I normally shop from.  What’s a knitter to do?  Make socks!

Addie and I trolled the stash and found some striping yarn… not something I keep a lot of on hand.  This Zauberball I bought intending to make legwarmers for a friend’s child.  I got bored at the time with the endless k2p2 and set it aside.  Addie felt this was appropriately “Strawberry Shortcake colored.”  Since a friend and I had been talking about making Houdini socks, I cast on for those.  Oh my.  You need to check out this pattern.  The way it works is it’s a toe up sock, but you make the sock as a closed piece from toe to heel.  You then (gasp) cut your knitting to pick up live stitches for the leg.  The sock I made for Addie was only slightly smaller than the ones I would normally make (she’s growing like a weed!), yet this seemed to go so much faster than any other socks I’ve made.  I think these are socks she’ll wear more than just on Halloween.

As for my 12 in 12 Challenge, I don’t think I’ll make it.  I’ve got several Christmas projects perking in my brain and none of them really are sweaters.  Since we’re just over 2 months out from Christmas, I think I need to start making my list of needed gifts and checking it twice.  I might have to put in a call to the North Pole to double check who’s been nice enough.

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