Lily is cuddled up with me right now as we watch a movie on TV.  She’s got the day off of school courtesy of strep throat which means that I am trying to get some work done on the couch.  Or at least I was until I started this blog post.  I always think it’s funny that people assume that on days like this I should be knitting up a storm.  Clearly they don’t know how hard it is to knit with a little girl attached to their hip.  She’s a fabulous reader, so she’s editing this as I go.  She also loves cartoons and cooking shows (she wants to be a famous chef on Food Network some day) so we’re enjoying some snuggly TV time.

Which means I shouldn’t write about any super secret knitting projects.  This post has been censored by the Secret Squirrel.

Therefore I am not knitting a _________ for _________.  Although you could see the pattern link here.  It’s adorably cute and I’m making it completely out of stash yarn, which warms my heart.

I also do not have plans to finish a child size version of this for ______________.  I just have the arms to finish.  I kind of lost interest in this sweater back when the weather started to warm up.

There’s my potato chip knitting project.  It’s a swirly scarf that I’ve been working on off and on for awhile.  I’m hoping to finish this up for Christmas.

I also have a scarf to finish for a friend.  He asked me to knit 2 scarves for him last fall and this is the first one.  I’ve ripped and reknit several times and just can’t seem to get the cable crosses right.