Edited to add:  WordPress just ate my blog post.  It was long, it was clever.  I waxed poetic about the Pope visiting and the fact that Zac Efron never will.  I even made resolutions.  This is all that is left.


I’ve spent a lot of time the last week or so thinking about what I would like my New Year’s Resolutions to be.  Specifically, what was I going to put on the blog about Knitting Resolutions.  For a while I thought I’d skip the whole resolution thing and just do a Top 10 of Knitting Things to Do this year.  I thought about a recap of all most of the sweaters I knit in my 12 in 2012 challenge to myself.  And then I got kind of down on myself.  See, I didn’t knit 12 sweaters in 12 months.  By my book, that should be a FAIL.  But wait, I’ve got a couple of cool sweaters out of the deal.  I made sweaters for gifts.  I have 3 almost done sweaters on the needles.  So… that’s not really an epic failure.  I have even caught sight of 2 sweaters I made for our new nephew being worn.  That’s more like a pretty cool year.  I think I will do a recap of the Year of Sweaters, but not today.  Today, it’s about resolutions.




Besides, there are stores that could possibly be dependant upon my yarn budget.  I couldn’t possibly put them out of business!  🙂  Plus, for the first time I signed up for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin Sock Club.  I cancelled another club that I was in so that I could justify this one.  I’ve looked at the Rockin Sock Club for a long time.  The thing that strikes me with their yarn is that often the color combinations are not what I would choose.  However, once knitted up, they are amazing.  I have been really impressed with their yarn and I’m looking forward to this one.













Zac Efron



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