Malabrigo Lace – Vintage 2010


Do you ever feel like you’re running from one thing to the next, never really buckling down and finishing the first thing?  Never really sitting back and appreciating the feeling of accomplishment you get from finishing?  My Dad would have a somewhat coarse description of this that I won’t share with you.  Suffice it to say that a whirlwind is involved.


The kicker is that I have finished things.  I haven’t taken pictures yet, but I have finished things.

  1. I cleaned out the Ugly Room.  I need to find a new name for the computer/yarn/toy room.  Unfortunately it has a rather large stairstepper right smack in the middle of the room so I can’t really call it the Pretty or Beautiful Room.  It’s functional.  The yarn that was creeping out of control is now contained.  I separated out projects that have yet to be finished (yikes I have a lot!) from stash yarn.  I feel a lot better about the room and I no longer feel like I have to ban people from entering the room when they visit.
  2. I made 10 1/2 hats for the Optimist Club baby hat challenge in the last month.  I tend to knit these here and there as I have bits of yarn to use up or as a quickie project.  The half of a hat I am hoping that I can finish at lunch time today… during the Optimist Club meeting.
  3. I made cute little headwarmers.  Someone brought these into my office last week to show some other volunteers.  I copied the pattern and promptly cast on for 2.  One is for Addie and one is for myself.  I haven’t added the flower for myself – not sure I could pull that off.  Addie’s headband has a fluffy flower pinned on.  Lily has decided that she wants one to match the cowl she made, so that will be next.  It’s a super quick, one to two hour project.  I do need to block the one for myself a bit, it just doesn’t quite cover my ears.
  4. I finished the Ugly Blankie.  It’s blocked and drying right now.  I hope to mail it off this week.


I’ve also cast on for a Lettuce Pullover in the Malabrigo laceweight in the picture above.  This is part of a Knit a Long with Knittymuggins and Troy.  I’ve gone back and forth on whether this is really the sweater I want to knit or not.  However I think I’ve done enough cardigans for awhile and I really want a pullover.  I haven’t gotten much done on it since we cast on Valentine’s Day night (I know, not very romantic but my hubby worked that night).  You can probably guess from the list above why I haven’t worked much on it.

Only Up North

Beekeepers Quilt in Progress

Only when you’re Up North does a blanket made out of hundreds of little wool hexigons with stuffing inside seem like a perfectly reasonable (and useful) gift to give a baby.

Only when you’re Up North does the weatherman say that we’re going to be “warm” this week when the weather is going to to in the 20’s F during the day.  (that’s -2 C for any of you Canadians).  And yes, oddly enough the sun did feel warm.

Only when you’re Up North do you drive south to visit your family’s cabin.

Only when you’re Up North do you shovel 3″ of snow in high heeled dress boots with your co-worker because, “it needs to get done.”

Nanook of the North

Only when you’re Up North do you see children dressed like this.  What’s missing is her usual “double layer” hat.  She likes to put her knitted wool earflap hat on first with the giraffe hat over the top.

Only when you’re Up North do you hear someone say, “oh fer cute!” when they see you’re knitting a baby hat. This is usually followed up with, “will ya make me one for my cousin’s daughter’s baby?  She’s gonna have her baby any day now.”


Malabrigo Mini Skeins

Only when you’re Up North do you We all look for any pop of color against the white, greys and black of winter.  At least we know that even Up North in the frozen tundra, winter doesn’t last. Until spring arrives, we’ll soak up all the “warm” days we can while shovelling and try to get the Vitamin D