A Review: Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf by Alana Dakos

Addie and I ran into the yarn store the other day in between doctor appointments to pick up a ball winder.  I had a punch card full and was able to get the ball winder for 30% off.  Addie kind of likes going to this store because they have some stuffed lamb toys that she can play with.  Instead, she spotted this book and asked me to get it down off the shelf.  I had heard about the book on the Knitmoregirls podcast, so I was interested to see what Addie thought.

Addie read the book in the store and said it was definitely worth buying.  I read the book to both girls last night as a bedtime story.  I think Addie liked it because it was a little girl spending time with her Mommy knitting.  The girls can definitely relate to a Mommy that sits on the couch and knits all night.

Addie says, “I thought it was a wonderful book and I recommend it to any kid or a kid whose mom knits.”

What I liked about the book was that it reinforces that you need to practice knitting to be good at it.  Knitting isn’t something that you just all of a sudden get, it takes practice and patience.  Annie has to practice in the story, then she shows her friends at school how she knits.

Lily says, “I thought it was really good.  I liked that she knits and that she taught the kids in her class to knit.”

The illustrations are beautiful, Annie and her mom both wear sweaters that Alana Dakos designed – they’re available under the Never Not Knitting brand.  Both girls enjoyed finding the cat and mouse that are hidden on every page.

Three thumbs up from the girls in the Knitting Up North household.

One thought on “A Review: Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf”

  1. A cozy, heartwarming story — thank you for sharing it. I am definitely going to recommend the book to our Knit & Purl group that meets on Saturday mornings at McVille Community Library. Please — you and your daughters are invited to come knit with us some Saturday morning – we’d like nothing more!

    I so enjoy your homey (is that even a word??) writings — keep up the wonderful work you do.


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