The Cardigan That Wasn’t

So…. I started on my Liesl cardigan.  I’m using a very fluffy off white yarn that was deep in the stash.  It’s bulky weight and when I first pulled out the skein it appeared as though there was a lot of that particular yarn.  Until I ran out of yarn.

So I went back to the stash and realized that while I have a lot of off white yarn in that bin, it was not the same off white yarn.  Even my husband could see there was a difference.  No problem, I thought, I made a sweater out of that particular yarn already.  I’m sure I can access the yarn information in Ravelry.  I’m pretty positive I bought the yarn locally and I’ll just see if they have more.  Worst case, I’ve got the blog as a back up to all my projects, I would have recorded the information on the blog.

Can you see me setting myself up for a fall?  It’s like when you’re watching a horror movie and the damsel in distress goes into the basement even though everyone watching is yelling, “don’t go into the basement!”  You can just cover your eyes now.

The sweater is not in my Ravelry projects.

The sweater is not on the blog.

I referenced (vague reference) finishing it in 2011 in time to wear it to Yarnover.  But no details.  Not a single one.  Not even the pattern name.

The sweater is not all that attractive.  It’s warm, it’s cozy, but it’s a white sweater made out of bulky weight wool.  It’s practically bulletproof.

No pictures of the sweater can be found.

No reference to the yarn can be found.

But I vaguely remember having lots of yarn left over after the sweater was done.  (To be fair, I had a nasty cold/flu thing while knitting and finishing this sweater and so I think I was in a major fog that might have affected reasonable thought.)

I considered my options.  I could keep the top white and knit the bottom in a contrasting color.  But I didn’t think I had enough yarn of anything other than red to finish the sweater with.  And reds are, well let’s face it, reds are hard to match.  And I really don’t have many red summer dresses to wear this with.

So I threw caution to the wind and started tossing the stash in front of my husband.  Now my husband knows that I have a lot of yarn.  He even thinks I have an unreasonable amount of yarn.  And he occasionally comments to this effect.  But rarely do I pull it all out while he is at home.  It’s really for the best that way.  I don’t understand why he owns so many Boy Scout mugs/patches/uniforms/memorabilia/etc. and he doesn’t understand why I own so much yarn.  As long as we don’t bring it all out in front of the other person we are able to co-exist in the same house with the other person’s hoarding collection treasure.  This time though, storage bags were pulled out from under the couches, the trunk was sifted through, and drawers were gone through.  And finally, I found one extra large skein of off white yarn.  It’s unlabeled, so I still don’t know what it is.  I pulled the skein out, triumphant, and showed it to my husband.

He didn’t seem impressed.



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