It’s in the Bag

My Knitting Bag

I don’t use Twitter, but if I did my life would look a little like this.  Mostly because I don’t have the bandwidth right now for anything more than 120 characters.

  • I really want to start a new project.
  • Longest bind off row EVER!
  • Blocking takes time away from Knitting.
  • We’ll sleep when the campaign’s over.  #mycoworkersrock
  • Ohhh, look it’s another unfinished project #saidnooneever
  • That’s going in the blog, right? #mycoworkersrock
  • How do I explain that I can’t go to a club I belong to because I’m going to speak at an Irish bar about Jesus? #tellthemitsaworkfunction
  • Lily just said the funniest thing in her 40 yr old voice.  Wish I could remember it.
  • This blog has been interrupted by a Capital Campaign…
  • I was going to explain what was in my knitting bag.  Let me sum up.  #toomanythingsontheneedles

What’s really in the bag?  Some things that I probably won’t have completed pictures of.

1.  A baby sweater – gifted already

2.  A shawl – donated to a silent auction

Bear Paw Shawlette
Bear Paw Shawlette


3.  Socks – still working on the 2nd one.

Houdini socks with a cool cuff



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