Take a Deep Breath

You all know that I like lists.  Sometimes my lists have lists.  I especially like lists when my desk is full to overflowing, like it is now.  I’m pretty sure a small child could hide in the paper piles on my desk.

So here’s a list of what I’m making for Christmas presents this year:

  1. Wee-est One – Minion Hat
  2. Wee One Who’s Not so Wee any more might get a hat if I can finish it in time.  She picked out the yarn so it’s not such a super surprise.
  3. _______ is getting hand knit socks because I know she likes them.  I just have to finish the cuff on one.
  4. ________ might get a hat if I can finish it in time.  This will be out of Minion hat leftovers but will definitely not be a Minion hat.
  5. The Boss is definitely getting received a hat.  It’s Turn a Square by Jared Flood and my all time favorite hat pattern.  It’s knit in black because black is what he wears.  I think he likes it, but I definitely have to teach him how to wear it… he keeps turning up the ribbing and not pulling it down over his ears.
  6. I have a Big Lace Scarf for _________ and _________ in two different colors because we certainly wouldn’t want them looking like they were wearing the same thing!
  7. One of the teachers received a scarf.  Just a cabled scarf out of Malabrigo in a midnight blue.
  8. One large cowl going to _______.  Again this is out of Malabrigo in Jupiter from my stash.
  9. I’m trying to finish another cowl for ______ who has been my Go-To person this summer and fall.  She was the mother my kids needed while I was running around like a crazy person.  Luckily the second part of her gift is coming from the UK and will not be here until after New Year’s, so I arranged to give her gift then.



One in a Minion

There are a lot of presents I can’t show you.  However, there’s one that I can, as long as you don’t tell any 7 year olds about it.

It’s what all the well dressed Minions will be wearing this year.

I still have to crochet the goggles, but that shouldn’t take too long.  If you haven’t seen Despicable Me or Despicable Me 2, then you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.  Run out, get the movie and when you’re done giggling hysterically over the antics of the Minions, then come back here.

This particular 7 year old has already decided that she is going to be a Minion for Halloween.  Next year.  And perhaps the year after that.  And maybe most weekends up until then.  Nothing makes this little girl giggle like the small yellow creatures that say, “ba-na-na.”  Case in point, she got some Minion stickers from her teacher as a reward and went around saying, “Momma, I’m one in a Minion!  Get it?”  I think it’s going to be a hit.

I very roughly followed the pattern from Hand Me Down Hobby.  I used Cascade 220 for its durability and it’s reasonable price.   I’ll have a lot of yarn left and I’m debating whether to make Minion slippers or just make some baby hats to donate after Christmas.