Awkward Silence

I like to call myself the Comic Relief.


I like you.

I think you’re probably pretty funny.

Yes, I mean you.  The one that’s staring at this from the other side of their computer screen.  No, don’t take that literally, I don’t mean the back side of the computer.  I mean that you take the time to read what I write.

I think you’ve got a really good sense of humor.  You read what I write anyway and I think you keep coming back.  Which implies a certain sense of humor.

You’re still there, right?  I haven’t scared you off?

So this is awkward, but could you maybe please leave me a message and let me know you’re actually there?  Just go down to the bottom of this post (or any post) and click on the button that says “0 Comments.”  You might have to type in your name, but you could probably leave a fake name and I would never really know.  Unless your name is “Bob TheMinion,” then I’ll assume it’s my 8 year old leaving me a comment.  Leave whatever comment you want.  You don’t have to tell me that I’m funny or not funny.  Talk to me about knitting.

Tell me that you’re listening.

Ok, now that the awkwardness is over, I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

What I’m Knitting

I finished the 2nd gray cowl last week and gave it to the recipient in time for a decent size snowstorm.  By decent, we got about 4 inches during the day and another dusting with blowing snow that night.  So not a huge storm by any stretch of the imagination but enough to make driving sort of crummy.

I cast on a sock during a road trip last weekend.  Socks really are the comfort food of knitting for me.  I hate to say it, but these are white and gray – with little flecks of color.  It’s sort of a vanilla sock pattern with a variation of my very own.  More about that later.

In direct contrast to the whole lot of gray that I have been knitting, I also cast on a pair of Stay On Baby Booties in lime green for a new baby on my husband’s side of the family.  These are my go to pattern for babies feet.  The pattern is in Knitting for Baby.  Lots of these little shoes have been made and they really do stay on baby’s feet.

What I’m Not Knitting

  • The sweater… for no real reason except I guess I want to knit on something that feels like progress is being made.
  • The hat for Addie…. again for no real reason.  I’d better pick it up again soon since it’s really almost done.

Knots & Tangles

Not knots or tangles this week.  But then again, there probably hasn’t been enough knitting to run into any problems.  I just finished up a big project at work, so hopefully I’ll have the bandwidth left at night to knit more.

Loose Ends

I had somewhat of a wild hair last week and started checking out knitting retreats and gatherings.  I haven’t been to any knitting classes in some time.  I looked into one in Madison, WI but decided that the cost of the hotel room I would need for 2 nights plus the registration fee made it more than I was willing to spend.  Then I remembered Yarnover.  Yarnover is hosted by the Minnesota Knitters Guild and is only about 45 minutes away from my in-laws house.  A day long class with Franklin Habit was open!  (I’ve met him before, but I go slightly fan girl in the presence of funny knitting bloggers)  Since the hubby works the weekend of Yarnover, I arranged to stay with my in-laws and have the kids hang out there for the day.  Problem solved!  Knitting enabled.  The list of vendors is pretty amazing, so I’ll have to save my pennies.

Now I should probably tell my husband about this plan…. Right?  I should tell him?

21 thoughts on “Awkward Silence”

  1. Happy to oblige, I read you on DNT website. And you do make me laugh. And you’ve met Franklin Habit, how wonderful. I have his book of cartoons and keep rereading it.

    Have a lovely time at Yarnover.


  2. Yes tell hubby 🙂 so he knows he has the time without you and the kids……….so there I am reading the whole column 🙂 and sure wished the faces actually worked here. I do more crochet than knitting but love reading about both so keep it up.


  3. I’m knitting a pair of knee-high candy-striped boot socks for myself…the first pair I’ve knit for myself in more than four years. Being in school full-time has limited my knitting time, and I love knitting.
    Soon, I will be sitting at a keyboard in an office, making a living and resisting the urge to daydream about knitting. Its what I love to do…along with spinning wool.
    There’s nothing like the smell of an unwashed fleece. I get so many ideas about what I want to do with it. The whole process of soaking it, dyeing it, combing and pulling the roving through the hackle…I miss the process. I long for it. I long for a farm with my own sheep, and all the time in the world for nothing but fiber…
    But it’s the modern world. We have electricity and flushing toilets, and power and water bills that come with them. We have divorces and life changes that require drastic measures…the sheep farm is growing more and more distant.
    Thank you for reading–



  4. I’m listening and i love to hear what your working on….

    Right now i am working on a scarf called “Wheat” by Tin Can Knits (found on the internet) and I have a shawl that is a WOP.

    A kinitting retreat is on my bucket list.


  5. Having trouble getting motivated to get back to knitting. Any tips or ideas? Thanks.
    I enjoy seeing what you are doing. Very impressed, too.


  6. I’m still reading. I use your link from Facebook status updates. I haven’t read many blogs since Google Reader quit us. Knit on!


  7. I miss you! I knit a cowl… I lost my needles and a part of another project while I was racing through the airport in Istanbul and my bag spilled everywhere. But, thankfully, Barb sent me some new ones and I am about to begin again! =)


  8. I’m still stalking you from afar. Glad you took up knitting, even if it was after we stopped being roomies! (Hard to believe that was 15 years ago, neither one of us looks a day older!) One of these days we need to coordinate an inlaw visit at the same time so we can get caught up!


  9. I love reading your blog…..I look at least 3 times a week just in case you might slip a blog in. They have been basically going about once a month and I keep hoping you will write more!!! Always enjoy reading about the knitting projects you are working on as it keeps me motivated. Knitting workshops, cruises & trips are on my “bucket list”!!!


  10. I faithfully look up your blog in my “favorites” at least 3 times a week hoping to see a new post. I know you are a busy working mommy that doesn’t have much time but I sure enjoy your stories….many of which I can relate to!
    My “bucket list” has a knitting cruise or knitting trip to a far away country…or even a workshop. Knitting is truly a “passion” for me!


  11. Dude!! Look at all those comments! I’m bad about reading, but I do love hearing what you have to say 🙂 I’ll try harder to stop by now that you’re posting more frequently!


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