Make a List and Get Over It

imageMy internal voice has been rather whiney lately.  To be honest, September has completely kicked my you know what.  It’s always a busy month and this year seems busier than normal.  The best way to stop the whiney voice is to make a list and start working.

  1. I finished another Ponchini that just needs to be washed, blocked and seamed.
  2. I made yet another cowl out of some Sublime merino, cashmere, silk and leftover Three Irish Girls.  The cowl is destined for a silent auction for my Rotary Club.
  3. Speaking of cowls, I have some stashed away already for Christmas presents.  It feels really good every time I tuck one away.
  4. I won a dyeing party at Three Irish Girls here in Superior!  The party is for myself and three friends to dye either scarves or yarn.  We’ve got a date scheduled and I’ll be sure to blog the experience.
  5. Stockinette in the round has been my friend.  Normally I would say this is boring knitting, but right now it’s very comforting to just pick something up and not worry about finding my place in a pattern.
  6. My socks for Addie have stalled out now that we’re not going to soccer games twice a week.  I got quite a bit of knitting done in the 2 months that the girls were in soccer!  The Regia Ombre that I’m using was perfect for seeing progress from game to game.
  7. Lily is very interested in starting a mother-daughter knitting podcast with me.  We’re working out the details and timing might be tough as she’s only 9 years old and is in bed when I do the majority of my knitting and blogging.  But since she is a 35 year old in the very petite body of a 9 year old, I think we’ll do just fine.  And I’m pretty sure her matter of fact style will crack you up.  Some of the segments we’re thinking of include:
    1. What we’re knitting
    2. What we’re reading
    3. In our world (what’s happening at our house or in our lives)
    4. Our favorite things
  8. What would you like to hear us talk about?
Lydia Cowl in progress.
Lydia Cowl in progress.


2 thoughts on “Make a List and Get Over It”

  1. Love the list! I need to make one of these for myself. Can’t wait to hear about the dye party (congrats!!) and keep us posted on the podcast. I’d love to listen in to what both of you have to share 😉


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