Ask the Wee Ones

The girls wanted a chance to weigh in on the blog. I decided to let the girls type in their own answers and not give any editorial comments whatsoever (even though it’s very hard).  I’ve even included photos of the projects that the girls are talking about because I’m not sure you’ve ever seen these photos.  I wanted to put a photo on of the girls that I took last week, because it shows their moods perfectly.  However, Lily asked that I take it town because she didn’t look happy.  She’s been in a bit of a snarly mood all week, and I think you’ll be able to tell at least a little from her comments.


Over on the Ravelry group, Knittymuggins asked,

“OK wee ones….. I know your mom knits A LOT 🙂

So what is your favorite thing she has knit for you? And what do you think is her favorite thing she has knit for you?”

WI Deer 2012 094

Addie:  I think that MY fave is this beautiful hat that has all this blues and purples (and other colors that I can’t remember…) is definitely true to my heart. Plus, I got to show it off to my teachers and friends which is a definite plus!! 😉 Hmm…  the one that my mom likes making me the best…. THAT is a toughie….. Probably the knee-high-socks she made for me to wear on Halloween when I was Strawberry Shortcake. Don’t judge!! 🙂 Those were fun to wear and I bet they were fun to make. ( Even though after Halloween I didn’t wear them very much!) Thanks for the awesome questions Knittymuggins! 🙂

Little Lily
Little Lily in the sweater (approx. age 4)

Lily: I think my favorite thing is probably the sleeveless sweater that I had when I was little. I don’t know it could be a hat or sweater. It is hard to tell because she has made so many things.

Do you have a question for the Wee Ones?  Ask it in the comments or in the Ravelry group.

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