Take Gentle Care

How many times have I said as a mom, “Be gentle.”  Especially when the wee ones were toddlers it seemed as though this phrase was on repeat.  Now that the girls are bigger, I don’t have to say it nearly as often.  Although maybe I need to say it like this – Be gentle with yourself.

I am coming off a very intense 3 days of events that I was in charge of at work.  For the past two weeks I have been caught up in a whirlwind of to-do lists and must dos.  My to-do lists had their own to-do lists and I was remaking them in my sleep.  I’ve rocked my step count – surpassing 20,000 steps many days in a row.  It’s been wild.  And now it’s done.

Sure I have follow up to do and thank you cards to write, but it’s done.  The events are over, the people went home, many of my very wise volunteers are on vacation.  I should be able to just jump back into everyday life, right?  I should be knitting up a storm now that I have time again.  Yet I find myself just sitting with my knitting (or sometimes just sitting without any knitting) and not doing anything.  I’ve been reading.  And even though I can read and knit at the same time, I don’t want to.

It hit me on the way into work this morning.  It’s ok to be gentle with myself this week.  The world will not fall apart if I only knit a little.  My children will get fed.  Everyone will have a warm, dry place to sleep in a (relatively) clean house.  It’s ok.  And maybe I’ll catch up on some knitting time this weekend once I’m well rested.  Maybe.  I need to ease back into the regular summer routine.  And soak up some vitamin D.

And let’s not forget, knitting is fun.  So how do you get your knitting mojo back?


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