This Girl Is on Fire

2016-09-08 18.15.44

Maybe you can tell by the toe pop there, but this girl is going places.  She’s on fire and whatever she does in life, she’s doing it with determination and a strong sense of who she is.

This is the girl who can tell you exactly what she wants in a sweater.  She can tell you exactly which herb I steeped in the cucumber sorbet recipe (basil).  She can spot zucchini in a recipe from 5 miles away.  She gives the biggest toughest hugs you have ever gotten.  Her big heart is covered by a very pragmatic outlook.  She’s a tough cookie with a soft melted chocolate center.

This sweater?  It’s exactly what she ordered.

2016-09-08 18.15.48

Prairie Fire by Tin Can Knits

Yarn:  Three Irish Girls Springvale DK in Mimsy.  Or as we like to call it, mint green.

Mods:  Taking Lily’s measurements for the sweater was very enlightening.  I know she is a tall, slim child.  She measured 4-6 years in the chest, almost a ladies XS in the sleeve length, 2-4 years in the upper arm, and 6-8 years in the hem to underarm.  Yikes, what do I do with those measurements?!  I decided to jump somewhere in the middle and make the 6-8 year old size then just lengthen the arms to the correct length.

This sweater was my Revellenics project, but I was still one sleeve short on the final day of the Olympics.  My Girl on Fire is just happy to have the sweater ready for the cool fall weather.

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