Ohhh… Shiny!

There’s nothing like a good knitterly list to keep you me focused.

  1. I’m working on a Polygon Blanket from the new Mad Colour book.  (Yep, that’s the English spelling) The blanket was supposed to be out of stash yarn, but I fell down the rabbit hole and bought some skeins to fill in my color gaps.  (That’s the blanket in the featured photo)
  2. I have color gaps in my stash.  Big gaping warm color gaps.  I’m trying to decide if I mind.
  3. We got a new dog.  A puppy.  Puppies take a lot of work.
  4. Fall, you get me every year.  Every year I say, “Why don’t I have any time to knit?”  And why does this come as a surprise every year?  I actually wrote this post in October.  October people!  Yikes!
  5. I figured out what to bring for knitting in Italy.  I brought too much yarn.  Is this a surprise?  Then I bought more.
  6. I’m trying to decide if the item that I bring in #5 will just be the default Christmas present this year.  Or will it be finished in time?
  7. I’m not looking forward to weaving in all the ends on the blanket.
  8. This is the Joker & the Thief shawl.   I donated it to the Cathedral School Dinner Auction in early November.  I’m very happy that it is going to a good home where it will be well loved.

    Joker & the Thief

One thought on “Ohhh… Shiny!”

  1. I bought the Mad Colour ebook too. Love it! Have I knit anything from it? Nope. Your Joker & Thief turned out gorgeous! Finally finished mine but still need to block & photograph. Seems like too much work right now. I just want to sleep 😉


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