WIP Round Up

I went through the stash yesterday in an attempt to clean before Christmas.  I have some seriously nice yarn in there.  I also have a very large number of Works In Progress that I need to get a handle on.  Some of them are a really good knitting day (or two) away from being finished.  Some are longer but definitely on the downhill side of being finished.

Here’s a look at what’s on the needles and what needs to be on the needles for Christmas knitting.

Currently Knitting:

  1.  Elves – I have lots of elves coming off the needles right now, but those are almost done.  I even made up my own elf that looks a little like a Weeble with a pointy hat.
  2. Red Robin Shawl – this is in the 3rd section, which means I’m almost done!
  3. Project Peace – this cowl is intended to be knit one repeat each day until Dec. 21.  I’m on day 3 (it’s day 5 here).  I think by definition Project Peace should not be stressful.  However, this one repeat a day is putting pressure on me to keep up.  Falling behind makes me feel kind of panicky!

Not Currently Knitting but should be:

  1. Hamilknit Hat – I have the yarn.  I have the pattern.  I’m ready to go as soon as I can finish one of the other 3 things I currently have going right now.
  2. Doodler – I’m on the 3rd section – which seems like it should be good because it’s the last section.  However these short rows are killing me.  Seriously, Stephen West, the waves upon waves are killing me.  It’s currently in time out waiting for some time.
  3. Sock Monkey Sweater – I’d like to have this done by Christmas.  If not Christmas, then the child’s birthday in February would be good.  I hope the arms are long enough!
  4. Ciao!  A cabled cowl for a class I am teaching this spring
  5. A brioche hat for a class I am teaching this spring
  6. The Western Auto Cowl.  Still.  I just need to commit to the last color and be done with this.

I’m not even counting the number of socks that are single socks.  I wonder if my children would notice if I didn’t make dinner for the next few weeks in order to get just a leeeettle more knitting time each night?  Just think of the time I would save shopping, prepping, and doing dishes!  2016-12-04-15-57-37-1

2 thoughts on “WIP Round Up”

  1. Can’t wait to see them all finished up! This is my current project (& hopefully segue back into blogging) as well – rounding up the UFOs & WIPs & taking stock. Plan to sell a bit of my stash too. On an unrelated note – your scout elf looks a little debaucherous (if that’s a word!)!


  2. What’s an elf to do when kids leave their Halloween candy until December? Clearly it was too much temptation for an ordinary scout elf.


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