Be of Good Cheer

My husband’s favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard.  I didn’t know that was actually a Christmas movie until we were married for about 5 years.  It just never registered on my personal list of Christmas movies.  Action – yes.  Christmas – no.  We watched it the other day and so we keep repeating one of our favorite lines,

“It’s Christmas, Theo.  It’s the time of miracles.  So be of good cheer….. and call me when you hit the last lock.”

It’s a surprisingly versatile line.

So when we realized last night that the girls (both of them) were allowed to wear Christmas hats to school today, and we couldn’t find the (many) Santa hats that must be in bins in the garage, what’s a knitting mom to do?  Be of good cheer, and knit some Santa hats.  I know that it’s a bit cray-cray to start knitting a Santa hat at 8pm the night before it’s needed, but I was feeling a bit nutty last night.  Plus, the girls go to a school with uniforms, so any chance to be out of uniform and do something a little different is a ton of fun.

Darn Knit Santa Hat

The yarn I had in my stash.  Once upon a time I thought I would make Bella’s Mittens out of the red wool.  Somehow it never happened, mostly because I really couldn’t see myself wearing bulky weight cabled mittens.  They’d be lovely and warm, but just didn’t look practical for everyday wear.  (Feel free to tell me if I’m totally missing the boat on this one).

The hats took a little over an hour each.  For the first hat, I broke out the pom pom maker and added a nice fat fluffy pom on top.  I was out of time for the second hat and so I added the fur pom that I just got at Yarn Harbor.  The ends are not woven in on the second hat and I’m not totally confident about how secure the pom is, but Lily is under strict instructions to be kind to the hat.  I’m planning on weaving in the ends tonight and wearing it to work at Yarn Harbor tomorrow.

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